Sunday, April 22, 2007

Republic of Nothing wins online readers' poll

Online reader discussion of Republic of Nothing begins

Lesley Choyce's bestselling novel, The Republic of Nothing, won the first reader's poll at The Daily News to kick off the paper's new online reading group.

Click here to take part with this group that is reading the first 125 pages (17 chapters) this week (April 21 - 29, 2007).

The Republic of Nothing (reader’s guide edition) with an afterword by Rush’s Neil Peart is available through your library or for purchase at, and many other online book sellers, including the publisher: Goose Lane.

Please click here to join us.

The Republic of Nothing
By Lesley Choyce
Paperback: 382 pages
Publisher: Goose Lane Editions (Third edition March 1, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0864924933
ISBN-13: 978-0864924933

The Republic of Nothing is a novel set on a small Canadian island that declares its independence to the world and anarchy reigns. A god-like ocean deposits many a thing, yet it also takes away. The 1960s blaze off shore and draw the island's inhabitants into politics, the Vietnam War, and the peace movement. Sound impossible? Not on Whalebone Island, AKA the Republic of Nothing. Where else can a dead circus elephant, a long-dead Viking, the discovery of uranium, a raven-haired castaway who may be psychic, an anarchist turned politician, and refugees fleeing from the United States all be part of everyday life? Where else is eccentricity embraced with such open arms? In this new readers' guide edition, complete with an afterword by Neil Peart, Lesley Choyce's novel about resilience, independence, and anarchy comes alive, leading readers to discover once again that everything is nothing and nothing is everything.

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