Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Twelve more miles to Runaway Bay by Lesley Choyce & the Surf Poets (from the CD Sea Level)

Lyrics by Lesley Choyce

I'm probably not to blame
If I lost all track of you
And someone else arrived
to take away all your pain and make the sacrifice.

Who made all the rules?
Who changed the scenery?
Found reason in the night
To bring the Milky Way so close to being right.

Does anyone know where innocence goes?
Does anyone have a clue?
I thought I had an answer
But I asked myself, "Do you?"

It's probably just the rain
I'm just a tourist here
Can't find a place to say
I've been here once before
And it was safe and warm.

I can't believe it's been
So long since summer showed me how to catch the wind
And see the colour in my saddest day of the year.

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